No heads of government and else very few public faces in Illuminatiland refused the mark of the last antichrist.

Jun 15, 2009

Pathetic Hugo Chavez greetings for Ahmadinejad "victory": how a resister falls for the BIG LIE technique

Hugo Chavez, resister yet pathetic victim of the BIG LIE technique, swallows Ahmadinejad hoax till bitter end
Iranian "elections" where as predicted, illuminati were forced to steal election from Mousavi, turning 25% of the votes into 65%. (1)

The pathetic aftermath in the illuminati media, June 15: CNN serves again a 2008 Ahmadinejad "interview" with Larry King as salesman, while in Tehran and other cities millions protest on the streets the rigged elections.

Much more pathetic: Hugo Chavez, a true resister, not able to admit he was fooled
Hugo Chavez is someone who resisted every Illuminati attempt to get him out of the way. In particular the illuminati failed in the attempts using two of the usual techniques: buying resisters, and buying people to overthrow him in an election.

But Hugo Chavez was also someone who from the beginning swallowed the illuminati theater "Ahmadinejad v Bush" aka "Iran in the axis of evil", which he should have understood as early as 2003, as Iran immediately recognized the puppet "government" of Iraq, at the first OPEC conference after the fall of Saddam Hussein, a conference which only Venezuela refused to attend at that time.

Now Chavez is the first to congratulate Ahmadinejad for the "victory", unable to admit that it was a gigantic fraud. In other words: believing the illuminati polls that announced a probable victory of Ahmadinejad, although less than one out of four iraninas was behind the champion of Holocaust denial, in his role in the illuminati "Destruction of Israel" agenda. alias fake Armageddon. (2)

Hugo Chávez is the sad illustration of one of the foundations of the BIG LIE technique (3): the longer someone believes the lie, the harder it will be to admit that he was deceived.

(1) Differences between Bush, John Kerry and McCain with the Iranian "elections"?
What does Hillary Clinton have to do with echoing what Prophet first exposed, the simple truth about Ahmadinejad being an illuminati agent?
How does the illuminati media sell Ahmadinejad's "victory" while it censors the fate of arrested and murdered protesters?
US Attack to Iran for dummies or NATO v Jihad Hoax: Iran: illuminati agent Ahmadinejad forced to steal election from Moussavi, as predicted

(2) Illuminati "Destruction of Israel" agenda. alias fake Armageddon in anti-Bible:
Glory Of the Olive, the illuminati code for the destruction of Israel and Catholic Church: Destruction of Israel - 'Glory of the Olive' agenda explained worldwide first and so far only by Matt Marriott

(3) BIG LIE technique

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