No heads of government and else very few public faces in Illuminatiland refused the mark of the last antichrist.

May 2, 2009

Prince William and Harry murdered replaced

Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry ALL murdered and *** replaced *** by imposters in 2008
Prince William refused the Mark of the Beast in public 2001, when he refused to play the role of King in a script written by the same who murdered his beloved mother.
That was immediately ehoed and explained by Last Prophet and yet echoed by nobody ever since.
Prince Harry never refused the Mark in public.
That's why:
- Prince Harry was never sentenced to death in public, unlike Prince William in 2007 at the Lawn of the White House, .
- Prince William dying in an "accident" as his mother would not solve the problem.
- the TWO men who refused to become William V of the United Kingdom were BOTH murdered the same day as Kate.

Resisters replaced by imposters: no longer a problem.
Unlike 1999 when JFK Jr was "just" murdered, now:
- masses are totally reduced to zombies;
- there's very little time left before the curtain falls, putting an end to simulated reality.

Advantages of replacing resisters by imposters - any of this can be done at will:
- destroy the memory of the murdered resisters.
- release jokes mocking both the murdered resister and the human cattle.
- use the imposters to advance other agendas.


Why illuminati did it
William, Same as JFK Jr, refused the Mark of the Beast in public.
Murder of Princess Diana: all explained in the NINETIES by Last Prophet.
Same as William's refusal 2001.

Prince William sentenced to death in public in 2007 by GW Bush and ... his grandmother, the Queen.

videos and photos to compare the imposters with the real Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry:

Oct 2013: Illuminati jokes to openly tell it to the cattle:
From "Prince William, Kate and the royal baby all in the bathtub" to "Prince William was watching a Mandela movie when he died"

Murdered resisters replaced with impostors: from Vladimir Putin and his family to Justin Bieber
Satanic celebrations: Ides of March and Moscow: from 1917 to 1939 and 2015: fake Putin torches Novodevichy monastery next to the Kremlin.

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